-Name Alex

-Age 22

-Sex ♂

-Height 6 ft 3 in

-Central Coast Of California

-Interests Music, Humor, Weight Training, Technology, Science, Politics, All Mediums Of Art, Intellectual Conversation, Promoting Expression, Biking, Video Games, Meditation, Blurring The Line Between Self And Others

-Major Computer Information Systems

♪Л Deathcore, Progressive Deathcore, Chaotic Hardcore, Mathcore, Hardcore, Post Hardcore, Metalcore, Thrash Metal, Metal, Hardcore Punk, Punk, Classic Rock, Alternative, Indie, Folk, Political, Hardstyle, Dubstep, Nustep, House, Electro House, Progressive House, Hard Trance, Trance, Progressive Trance, Electro, Electronic Л♪

Math / Bwise / Neist / Tizer

Math / Bwise / Neist / Tizer

7 notes - 15 January, 2013

Source - flickr.com

Tagged: Math Bwise Neist Tizer Stockwell South London HoF street art Street Artists streetart graffiti vandalism

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